poetic devices

Poetic devices, tools you can use to create poems


. A direct comparison of two things using “like”, “as” or “than” e.g. her eyes are like comets.


. A direct comparison between two things.

Stating that one is the other or does the action of the other.

E.g. her fingers danced across the keyboard.


. Giving human characteristics to an object, animal or idea.

E.g. the days crept by slowly.


. Words that sound like their meanings

E.g. boom, buzz, crackle, gurgle, hiss, pop, sizzle, snap, swoosh, whir, zip.


. The use of words to create mental images.

Uses sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and feelings (emotions).

E.g. smoke mysteriously puffed out from the clown’s ears.


. Repeated constant sounds at the beginning of words placed near each other.

E.g. fast and furious


. The use of words whose endings sound alike

E.g. time slime crime

Arranging the words

. Verse: one single line of poem

. stanza: a group of verses.

supernatural news script

Tristan: this just in we have a witness who claims to have seen and was spared by an urban myth named the slenderman. Over to you brodie.

Brodie: thanks Tristan, we indeed have a witness here who will now tell his story.

Jake: alright, i`m sorry I had to write it on a piece of paper because I get headaches trying to remember more clearly.

Brodie: that`s alright

Jake: it started after I had just finished my daily shift at the cemetery; I had just put my tools away when I noticed a tall, thin figure standing from a distance away from me. I gathered up the courage to get a better look when he disappeared as soon as I blinked, I thought to myself `maybe he ran into the forest` and decided to go after him. I ran blindly for what seemed like forever and then thought to myself `this is stupid` and turned back. It was like running into a brick wall, as I fell I realised he was standing about five or six feet over me and he had a completely blank, white face and then blacked out. As I woke up I immediately took a wild guess I was out for weeks rather than days. Then before I could see where I was, he appeared and lifted me up by the neck with a similar grasp you`d expect a child with a love for toys to have. As I looked into what should have been his face I noticed that he seemed to be examining mine with how his head was tilted, I was guessing that he was wishing he had one for himself. He suddenly looked over his shoulder and I realised what for, it was someone calling my name in the distance as if looking for me. He then jerked his head back towards my face and wrapped one of his many tentacles tightly around my forearm and pulled my ear towards what should`ve been his mouth. He said to me, somehow, in the form of a whisper “don`t forget.” And I blacked out again. I woke up in the comfort of my own home with a cast around my arm and wrote down what I could remember on this piece of paper, that`s how I was spared by the slenderman.

Brodie: that`s a very scary yet interesting story, Jake, which again raises the question: are myths true or just everyday fairy tales?

jeff the killer poem

You wake up from your dreams

Completely alone, or so it seems

Your eyes attempt to adjust to the darkness

The shadows hiding the one that is heartless

His cold, fearsome voice sounds through the room

Three little words signaling your doom

“go to sleep,” he says without strife

As he steps forward, holding a knife

 You want to scream, you want to call

To your parents, who are asleep down the hall

His mouth is cut into a permanent smile

A sight that makes your throat fill with bile

 His eyes are unblinking, ringed in black

He looks like he is about to attack

He wears a white hoodie, stained with blood

His black pants are covered in mud

 Thunder rumbles outside to cover your shout

As he begins to stalk toward you, without a doubt

That you would be killed that very night

Your life taken away by the sun`s first light

 He leapt onto your bed, knife at your throat

Once more repeating his three worded quote

You felt the bite of the knife`s blade

And the world before your eyes began to fade

 As your life ended, he sat back and met your gaze

Speaking once more this chilling phrase

“go to sleep,” he told you before leaving

To be gone the next morning, when your parents would be grieving

 So, let this be a warning for you to keep

Be cautious and don`t go to sleep 

my xbox

if there is one thing i`ve chairished in all my life it has to be my old xbox. not only is it still my first gaming system it`s the thing that introduced me to gaming. it still keeps me occupied in my spare time and now my brothers are being introduced to gaming as well. it hasn`t changed a bit but a few games don`t work anymore but i`ve still got some good games left.

reaction to report

this afternoon i looked at my school report for term 3 and was surprised to see i had done well in english, math, food, ilearn, french, PE, science and SOSE. however i was shocked to see i had gotten a low in turning in my work for music so i`m definitely improving on that. otherwise i`m pretty happy in achieving my goal of improving over the year.


what i learned about internet safety

1. use every option possible to make your profile private

2. only add people you know and trust off by heart

3. keep searching your name often

4. don`t make fake profiles

5. don`t use inappropriate langauge

6. don`t give away any personal information

7. block everyone you don`t know

8. always turn your bluetooth of when not using

9. always delete your profile(s) when not using

10. don`t take, accept or share inappropriate photos of someone under the age of 18

mah nerve tester

i recently finished making  a nrve tester in electronics class, it works really well but i think i got  the length of the handle wrong because it doesnt get to the other side without it buzzing. so in my opinion i didnt really do a good job but its my first project so i`ll give myself that